About Us

The name Romfor S.A. is short for ”Romani Foraj”, which translates to the “Romanian Drilling Company”.
Sometime before 1956 the Romanian government nationalized the Romanian drilling contractors, creating a drilling trust. This drilling trust was eventually split in 1983, with part becoming what is now known as Romfor S.A. During the height of Romania’s communist era, Romfor S.A. had 2,500 employees and 23 drilling rigs. With the revolution in 1989 came change.

In 1992 Romfor S.A. was incorporated as a public company, becoming listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. At that time, approximately 25% of the shares went to individual shareholders and the remaining 75% were held by the Romanian government. In 1998 the Romanian government sold its 75% interest to Romfor International Ltd.

In July 2012 the assets of Romfor International Ltd. was acquired by Eurasia Drilling Company Limited (EDC) and is operating as a subsidiary under the name EDC Romfor Ltd. For information on our parent company, EDC, click here.