In November of 2005 Romfor started operating its first rig, Rig 22, in the Kurdish region of Iraq. This 1000 hp rig has been under steady contract since then. After being refurbished at our rig yard near Sulaimaniyah, this rig is now working for Gulf Keystone Petroleum.

In April 2008 we started operating our second rig in Iraq, Rig 23, and in January 2009 we added our third rig in Iraq, Rig 24. Both of these rigs are 1500 hp SCR rigs and are working for Afren Resources and HKN Energy respectively.

In 2012 we purchased Rig 25, a new NOV 1500 hp AC Ideal Rig. This rig will be drilling for Marathon Oil.

Romfor has offices in the cities of Erbil and Sulaimaniyah, with the ability to move people and parts in and out of country very quickly.

Recently, Romfor finished construction of a rig yard near Sulaimaniyah, helping to better serve our operations in Iraq. This allows us to refurbish rigs, repair equipment and stock parts in country, and all the competitive advantages that come with that.

With 4 rigs, two offices and a rig yard, Romfor is well established in Iraq, and a leading drilling contractor in the Kurdish region. For detailed information on our rigs, please follow these links:

Romfor Rig 22 (1000HP)
Romfor Rig 23 (1500 HP)
Romfor Rig 24 (1500 HP)
Romfor Rig 25 (1500 HP)